It's an early sunday morning
And I take my babe for a ride
I have my motor running
My shiny peace of chrome-steel pride
So I open up the throttle
And we vanish in the dazz'ling light

All the people look bewildered
In their cars sofar behind
You can read their fusty faces
Sayin that we must be deaf and blind
But this delightfull thrill of freedom
Keeps us in perfect state of mind

The needle hits the red zone
And the speed grows recklessly high
You can hear the tailpipes bluster
So beware when this machine passes by
But why the hell worry
In the comfort of a safe ARAI

When you're seeking for exitement
And want to raise your windows high
You'd better trace us on the highways
'Cause now you know the teason why
But, no matter what your skills are
Never leave without your ARAI

For it's style an its perfection
And it's optimum protection
It's Arai